Sprucing Up for Autumn Sales

Fall is a beautiful time of year! If you have your home on the market, make the most of the season to boost its curb appeal. If you have a gorgeous red maple or golden yellow aspen in your front yard, you already have a great head start. Make a list of the most important […]

Selling Your Home in Uncertain Times

The arrival of the coronavirus, COVID-19, has changed virtually every aspect of life, including the momentum of real estate sales. Some home sellers are waiting, hoping that the situation improves as we find a new normal. Others have decided to put their homes on the market because of urgent reasons, such as a job transfer, […]

Improvements That Can Lower Your Home’s Value

Many homeowners believe the money they spend on home improvements will always make their property worth more. There are plenty of projects that will do exactly that, enhancing your enjoyment of your home and making it more valuable. However, there are renovations and remodels that can work against you when you’re ready to sell and […]

Weathering a Winter Home Sale

Putting your house on the market during the cold months may not be your first choice, and the prospect may give you a case of the winter blues. Perk up! Nearly a million homes were sold in December 2018 through February 2019. There are many good strategies for speeding winter homes sales, starting with this […]

Counteroffer Tips for Sellers

You’re selling your home at a price decided upon with the help of your real estate agent. Together you have researched the market and prepared to list your home at a price you believe to be viable and suited to the condition of the property. A potential buyer makes an offer, but it’s lower than […]

What Agents Consider When Pricing Your Home

Although there is a great deal of information on the Internet that can help you decide how to set the price on your house, it takes a real estate professional to evaluate the data to your best advantage. A deep knowledge of your surrounding area and current market conditions is a big part of an […]

Moving with Children

Moving is hard for everybody, especially if you have children living at home. Leaving behind neighborhood playmates, best friends and school routines is hard for little ones, elementary-age kids and teenagers alike. Whether you are moving across town or to another state, the stress of the change means extra care needs to be given to […]

Get Rid of Clutter with a Quick Garage Sale

Yard sale, rummage sale, garage sale, tag sale. Whatever the preferred name is in your part of the country, it is a great way to get rid of all the extra stuff you don’t want to move to your next house. Decluttering is key to presenting your home at its best when it is on […]

Be Ready for the Spring Selling Season

home selling season

Spring is an optimum time for home sales as the largest number of buyers start their search. Take advantage of this busiest sales season by sprucing up your home inside and out. Strong curb appeal is extremely important for making the best first impression and you want potential buyers to be delighted when they step […]